An exhibition of photographic work by Yannis Psilakis, who beginning in 1997 used his camera to record folklore and travel topics, focusing mainly on isolated corners of the world and the study of the last aboriginal tribes. He travelled and lived with the Mentawai tribes on the island of Siberut in the Indian Ocean, the Huli in the hills of Papua New Guinea, the Kalash in the Karakoram mountain ranges, the Hunzakut in the Hindu Kush and the Mapuche and Aymara Indians in the Amazon basin and the Andes in South America.

This exhibition, was a summary of his work in 65 photographs, organised into three separate groups: faces, people, landscapes. His photographs always centre on human beings; they are highly expressive and convey a rich internal life, and spirituality.


Exhibition Curator: Eleni Athanasiou